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Our team has created high-precision robots that specialize in cryptocurrencies, our robots automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Due to the difference in the purchase and sale prices, we get an effective income.
You can activate the robot on our website in the amount of 5 US dollars and above. All licensed products remain with us, however you will receive a percentage of the use of our robot within 60 days.
After 60 days of the robot’s work, the robot’s automatic operation will be completed, the money that you invested will go to your balance, their withdrawal will be impossible, you can activate the robot again.
After you activate the robot, it will start working in automatic mode, you will only need to go into the office and withdraw your income.
At the moment, we use robots for the 3 most popular cryptocurrencies, these are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Unfortunately during the testing, we were unable to establish the exact percentages that the robot brings. First of all, it depends on the market volatility, it can be different. All works bring the same income with a difference of up to 1%.
Any of the 3 possible robots can bring maximum income, but this depends directly on the behavior of the market, today bitcoin is in trend, and ethereum can move into a new trend tomorrow. You can follow on the page the statistics of the robot in your account the latest activity of the robot on the market and choose the most suitable for you.
Yes, after activating the robot, you receive income every day at 0:01 server time.
By inviting friends, you can earn up to 10% of the amount of their robot activations. From level 1 you will receive 6%, from level 2 - 3%, and from level 3 - 1%.
The withdrawal of funds occurs automatically, on more than 10 cryptocurrencies. However, all cryptocurrencies are subject to a different minimum withdrawal amount, you can find it on the withdrawal page, on average, the minimum withdrawal threshold is $ 2.
Contact our technical support, we will answer you as soon as possible: support@lonerobot.ltd